Humans arrived at Aviss after escaping the Crone in the deep dark. They got scattered all over Aviss, each group of human settling in with different native races.

The Rascal tricked the dragons of the black Mountains to protect and help the humans that followed the Rascal forever, creating a nation of humans using dragonite resources and magic.

The worshipers of the moon and the last students of snowblade ended up in the space between the Sharo Jungle and The Great Swamp.. Here they found the Vessen and the rootwalkers, who have been at war with each other for so long, that not even the eldest Rootwalker remembers why the war even started in the first place. The human survivors managed to settle the fighting between the Vessen and the Rootwalkers and together, they became a part of the joint Vessen/Rootwalker society.

The followers of Brighteyes wound up at the Ashen Plains, where they where saved by the dwarfs of the mountain. The dwarf king at the time, Hercula Goldhammer, recognized the humans skill and compassion for each other, and gladly allowed them to integrate into dwarven society.

The last of the humans, with no distinct leader, found themselves in a wast forest. In the middle of the forest, the humans found ancient, decaying buildings. It is here that the humans discovered the elves, who for some reason, where on the brink of dying out as a race. The humans managed to help save the elves, and together they started a new society of human/elven architecture, magic and craftsmanship, in the city of Amysthera.



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