The Rootwalkers are a humanoid race of living tress. Many many years ago, the nature of Aviss itself was alive. The nature of Aviss consumed any other other living creatures on the planet, making the planet itself was a violent force of nature that only consisted of plants. Then the sun and the moon arrived and sealed away the wild natures power, deep in the earth of Aviss, allowing different species to grow on the planet.

Many years later years after the force of nature had been sealed, it started leaking out, back into the world. The power was not strong enough to take control of the land, but instead manifested itself in trees. These trees became alive, but they had no conciseness. They where violent and angry, attacking any other living creature they could find.

Many where claimed by the Rootwalkers, until a priest of the sun begged for a way to remove them from their land. This priest received a powerful staff from the sun god, it had the power to remove the power from the trees and seal it back into the earth. And so the priest did. But something weird happened.

After the trees had been cleansed, they where still alive. They had gained conciseness and where no longer under the control of any other power. Confused and scared, the now called “Rootwalkers”, banded together to create their own communities in Forrest and swamps. It took thousands of years before the Rootwalkers would start to travel the world and leave their encampments. Rootwalkers also learned that they could reproduce using the sap of a Dying Rootwalker.

Rootwalkers are know to be kind, wise, but stern people. Not many can be found outside their original homes, but if you find them, they are typically advisors, bankers or other form of sage work. They have great strength and natural healing abilities, so some also fall to mercenary/bodyguard work or work as healers. But very few Rootwalkers condone heavy violence, as it reminds them of their dark past.

To this day, the Rootwalkers still fear that the powers will return and corrupt them.



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