Living in swamps, soaky plains or foggy banks, the Vessen are a humanoid reptilian race that live primary live in small clans, but it is not unusual to see individual Vessen in the cities of other races.

The Vessen have a bloody history of war, dark magic and terrible curses. It is said, that Vessen once heralded from the mighty dragons in the sky. The Vessen was their humanoid children that would serve the dragons in their purposes. They where great beings, with wings, magical horns and great arcane power. But something happened to destroy the link between the Vessen and the dragons, and with that, the Vessens wings, horns and innate powers dispersed and they where cursed to live in the swamps.

In the swamps, they met the Rootwalkers. Shortly after, a war broke out between the Vessen and the Rootwalkers. No one knows the origin of this war, or why so much blood was spilled. But when the humans appeared, they stopped the way and created a truce between the Vessen and the Rootwalkers.

Vessen are known as sly, intelligent but oddly primitive people. Of course, personality and behaviour change from Vessen to Vessen, but they have very few “legendary” people among. Only a few Vessen become sunchasers, but the few that are, typically live longer than other sunchasers, due to their intelligent and perceptive nature.



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