Aviss is a world of adventure, danger, treasure and hope, but also of great danger and evil that lurks in the shadows.

“Come sit with me, youngsters, and hear the tale to end all tales. I know your Pa taught you about the dark times, when all men were enslaved in the the deep dark and the Crone wiped her boots in our blood. No doubt Gram tucked you in with stories about Longtooth the Brave, his beloved Lady Snowblade who died to see us free, Brighteyes who never gave up hope and of course, that wily trickster, the Rascal. Those are good stories all and truer than you know. but now I’ll tell you of the world those heroes led us to. this world we live in.

Just over that rise runs the Morru-Braid, the greatest of all rivers in the valley, that winds the Thousand Rivers together into a single course. I’m sure a few of you have fetched buckets from it when the wells were low. Named for the Lady of the Moon, it rolls across the lands of men like a strand of Morru’s hair fallen from the heavens. I’ve seen its source and mouth with my own eyes. You there! Your sour face says you don’t believe, but I know
the Braid’s entire course, for I rode with the Rascal in my youth! Oh, mention of the Rascal makes you more skeptical, does it? Think, boy. It’s not like he stopped chasing the sun when he got here."

Sunchasers are the adventures of Aviss. They traverse the thousand-river valley, the Morru braid mountains and the plains of the Amnia, all in search of treasure and adventure. They also have a lust for helping others in need. Aviss is ancient, the smartest scholars predict Aviss is about 30 million years old, yet the oldest living race of Aviss is only about 4 million years old. This means that there is countless ruins, temples, locations and dungeons left over from civilizations long gone. Even the rocky plains of the Amnia hides dungeons, treasure and danger in every location.

Most people of Aviss live calm lives. They find a trade, earn money and try their best to live in happiness. The villages and cities of Aviss are far distances from each other and towns and cities typically have their own laws, rulers and political systems.

This means that the people of Aviss love sunchasers. They provide help with locale monsters and bandits, but they also bring stories and information from neighboring cities and villages. The people of Aviss embrace the sunchasers and the sunchaers embrace the people and the world of Aviss, they truly embrace the danger and treasure that is adventure.


Legends of Aviss