The sturdy, trusty dwarfs of the mountains. Originally, that was the only place you would find them. But after taking in a large group of humans, the human wander-spirit must have washed over the dwarfs. They always knew that they could travel and see the world, but never saw a reason. The humans showed them the idea of exploration, discovery and the great feelings that come with it! Now 200 years after the humans arrived, dwarfs can be found all over Aviss as explores, salesmen or settlers.

Dwarfs are loyal sturdy folk. They meet many friendly people and treat them equally kind, but a dwarf only truly makes a few amount of real friends in his life time. And no matter the dwarfs alignment in life, they always treasure these true friends higher than anything else, as they believe true friends lead to great treasure, in more ways than one.

The dwarfs used to be secluded in the mountains where they perfect machines, guns and mining techniques. But as their wander lust awakened, so did another side of the dwarfs. Salesmen, builders or even arms for hire, dwarf realized you can see and explore the world and still make a pretty silver! The wonder spirit has even awoken some dwarfs to magic, or the elements of nature. Creating the first generations of druids and mages ever seen among dwarfs.

But do not take a dwarf lightly, cause even if he or she is not surrounded by her cavern walls, the dwarf are also know for their strength and will to fight, making them exelent soldiers and though front-line fighters.



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