Magic and how it works

Magic and the People

Magic in Aviss can be wild, unpredictable and monstrous, but it can also be refined, predictable and tame. It all depends on the nature of the wielder. Magic is not inherently dangerous to its wielder, no mage will suddenly combust in chaotic flames and no wizard will suddenly turn to stone because the winds of magic fluttered a bit. The magic winds of Aviss are calm and predictable, leaving little, if any room for random error. Magic is used many places in Aviss, most people have seen sun priests perform miracles or seen a mage or two perform colorful tricks. Some people are even lucky, or unlucky enough, to have seen a mage do battle. Magic is still a strange concept to the general people of Aviss, but they are familiar with it in a sense, they know it exists and that i can be used for both good and evil, much like any tool crafted by man. It is not unreasonable for people to fear magic, neither is it to respect it. As long as a mage is not flinging around spells left and right while traveling the streets, he or she is generally welcome anywhere as much as any other traveler.

Human__Wizard.jpg A mage of Aviss, it is not unusual for them to alter their hair color through magic

How one become a wielder of magic.

There are a few ways one can gain the gift of magic, but only one of them are natural and considered “legal” in the sense of the law. The natural way is to be born with it. If a child is born in the night while the moon hangs high, Murro, the goddess of the moon, might decide to gift the child with the magic of the cosmo. The child’s hair and eyes turns to a silken gray and they are forever bound to the world around them in ways most people will never understand. In the case of Vessen and Rootwalkers, the Vessen’s scales turn ashen grey and the light in the Rootwalkers eyes turns to a piercing silver. The unnatural ways involves sacrifices, worshiping malevolent spirits of the Nothl realm and other equally dark task. It should be obvious that these unnatural ways are frowned upon, not only do most of them involve breaking the law, it can also make a person go mad, insane and deranged, especially the methods involving spirits of the Nothl realm. Many people have lost their lives, wills and souls in the pursuit of magical powers.

How one learns to use their gift.

Many children born with magical power is sent to a mage tower at an early age, typically around 6 to 8. There are 4 mage towers in Aviss, all created after the human arrived at Aviss, making none of the towers older than 200 years. In each tower, one mage is tasked with scrying the land, searching for new children with magical prowess. When one is found, the tower sends out a group of representatives that will offer the family of the child a wealthy sum of coin and free school and tuition for the child, if they allow the child to study in their tower. For more information on the Mage towers and how they operate, see “The Mage order”. Most people accept this offer from the tower and their child is sent off to study and practice magic. Some parents decline the offer or some children are never found by the scrying mages of the towers. These young mages either discover and hone their skills on their own or never get the grip to use them.

Human__bard.jpgA mage that channel his emotions and intentions through song.

The jobs a Mage can partake in.

Once a mage graduates from a mage tower at around 20 years of age, the mage is free to do as he pleases. Some mages might be offered a position to work in the tower he studied, some seek their old town and villages, becoming alchemist of spellslingers for hire. Some might decide to travel the world, see its wonders and treasures, studying in the different towers and libraries spread across all of Aviss. Some mages also seek to travel the world, but heed the call of adventure, joining a group of just-minded individuals and becoming a sunchaser. Mages might find many different jobs and roles that they can fulfill, but most, if not all mages, seek to further their craft.

The concept of Magic.

Magic stems from the cosmos, a whirling wave of energy that takes many shapes and sizes. It comes from stars, exploding into dust, sending energies howling into the dark orbit of space. On very dark nights in the northern hemisphere of Aviss, you can gaze into the dark void that is space, where even regular folks will be able to see the tides of magic, travel across the heavens as colorful lights. The moon god Murro is magnetic to the waves of magic, she weaves her hands to guide the waves, invisible to mortal eyes, around Aviss as she makes her daily rotation of the planet. Murro’s gentle hands tame the waves, infusing it in the planet and its people. People touched with the ability to use magic, can tap into the waves and create spells from the arcanic powers hidden in the very air around them. That is the simple explanation of how one use magic, the rest is a little more detailed.

How one casts a spell.

Casting a spell is all about intentions and emotions. A spell that lights a bonfire or hurls a ball of flaming death, are basicly the same spell, using different intentions. Making fire requires the caster to conjure emotions of anger or passion, shaping his emotions in the waves magic, this is done through words spoken in an arcanic tongue and motions made using the casters arms. Only a few, talented caster are capable of shaping their emotions without using words or motion. Once the emotion has been shaped, the caster needs to release the shaped emotions using the casters intentions. The caster focuses on his or her intentions as they release the energies that have now been building up in the shaped emotions. If done correctly, the spell should be cast as intended. If the emotions of the mage become confused or his or her intentions are not strong or focused enough, the spell might misfire or not go off at all. In simple terms, think of emotions as ammunition and the casters intention as the tool using the ammunition. Different ammunition and tools for different jobs.


Magic and how it works

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