The names Thorbin Jones.

I commanded Kirdfords 22nd private company for 10 years. I was good at my job, damn good. Me and my company made worked out in the world, as the boring old confines of Kirdford held no challenge for our crew. Why Kirdford needed 22 companies of soldiers, i understand, but keeping them all locked behind the cities walls, not defending the border and the people who makes the kingdom go around? That, i will never understand. I made it a personal duty to serve as much time as possible on the other side of the wall.

We made quite a name for ourself. Our little battalion was made up of precisely 21 of the strongest and brightest young men and women i ever had the pleasure serving with. Together, we cleared out bandits, stopped monster attacks and even purge an unholy cult or two, in the name of Ava, of course.

But it all changed. No matter how noble our deeds, a soldier is still that, just a soldier, a person bound by duty. A group of wandering Pechs had been sighted within the kingdom. They were rumored to be findish thieves and assassins. Me and my crew were ordered to take em out, but we would not be alone in our task. A group of holy warriors from the church of Ava was to assist us, not that we needed it, of course. Turns out, there was no band of assassins Pech, only the corrupt plans of even more corrupt priests and nobles. What exactly we had done or why we deserved to be played for fools like this, I still is yet to know. All i know is, the ambush made by the holy warriors was swift, well planned and definitely not orchestrated by any true servitor of Ava, or so i hope.

A brutal ambush made by powerful holy knights. We never stood a chance. The man known as Thorbin Jones died that day, among his friends, his family, his fellow soldiers. How i survived is still a blur, even to myself, but i know i survived because i still had a duty to fill. The ambush must have been planned by someone. Did they just wish me and my crew dead because of the deeds we had done as soldiers, or was there a deeper web of conspiracies in play?

I intend to find out who was behind the ambush, and place a bullet in their frontal loupe. But i need more answers, as right now, all i have is vague clues and questions for days. It seems that this conspiracy might even reach further than the walls of Kirdford.

I am a sunchaser now, i don’t know if Ava choose me for this purpose, and i rather don’t care. Being a sunchaser is dangerous, but it will allow me to travel the world, helping the people of Avvis while searching for more clues. But even more importantly, it will allow me to take the law into my own hands, dealing swift justice. Not just to criminals and scum, but to corrupt nobles and power hungry priests, something i never could do while in an army.

You may call me a renegade, or a vigilante, it really doesn’t matter to me.

I have a duty to fulfill, not just to myself anymore. In the end, i am just a soldier.


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