Sun God Avva

The worship of the Sun and the god that covens it, Avva, is the most respect and well-spread religion in Avvis. It is the primary religion of Humans, dwarf, elf’s and the Pech’s that care for religion. Even if one does not worship the Sun itself, you most likely respect it, as the religion values justice, fairness and the wellbeing of all that stray in the light. It is also the primary religion people fall to, when darkness needs to be swayed or slain.

Avva himself is not the first Sun god. Long ago, way before the humans fell to Avvis, the Sun god that ruled the plane of the sun was Avvja. The legends tell of Avvja, and how he existed way before the first light even brewed in the cosmos. At one point, a few hundred years before humans arrived at Avvis, Avvja vanished from his Sun plane and the sun over Avvis turned dark for 5 straight days, the fifth to the tenth of Marts. Clerics prayed and the people rang out, but no Sun god answered. The only light in the world was the Moon and the stars during the night. Suddenly, after 5 days, the sun once again rose in the sky in the early mornings. All priest, clerics and paladins received a vision upon the first witness of the Sun. They saw a god, not Avvja, but a new god. He called himself Avva, and he was young and brash, but kindhearted and intelligent, like the former god. When Avva arrived, he created the sunchasers. He would bless adventurers with his light as they traveled across Avvis, exploring its many mysteries. Maybe it is because he himself, does not know of the secrets Avvis holds, or maybe he realizes that sunchasers will be the link that holds the world together. No matter what, Avva has proven to be a fair and just god, like the one before him. His young nature has inspired a new generation of adventurers, soldiers and paladins. Each year, on the Tenth of Marts, the denizens of Avvis celebrate the rise of the sun with a giant festival that spans most of Avvis. Sun themed decorations and food, sun soaked liquor, fun games and activities serve as the backdrop to a celebration that last from sunrise to sundown. This “Celebration of Sunrise” is an ode to Avva, showing how thankful the world is for the Sun and the gifts it brings. Avva has never been one for art, as he much more prefer the determined nature of the good races of Avvis, over their artistic nature. This means that during the Sunrise celebrations, many of the activities include fighting tournaments, justing, tog-of-wars and the creation of powerful artifacts, arms and armor, all in good fun and high spirits.

jbh83xIq8rRh4D.jpg Avva, raising the sun in Avvis

The worship of the sun is an direct democracy. There are 3 layers to the church. The highest layer is the Circle of the Sun, a group of 7 that governs the higher problems, political dealings and management of ranks, titles and churches. Each member of the circle represents a day of the week, and that serves as their official title within the church. The members of the circle is based on a vote from all official priests, clerics, paladins and anyone else officially tied to the church. This means that even a lowly priest of a small village church can become a circle member, if his or hers feats and accomplishments have deemed him or her worthy. The second layer is the Order of Arms, the holy warrior order of the Sun god Avva. The church itself does not have a united army, but all trough Avvis, people of any rank and statue can sign him or herself up for the order, meaning that warriors of the light can be found in any village or city in which a church of Avva exists. All people, no matter your upbringing, starts as students of the Order. Learning the basics of fighting, war and being a servitor of the light. Through honor, leadership and tribulations, one can rise in the ranks of the Order, becoming official Holy warriors, donned with mighty armor and arms. If a student shows talents for miracles, he or she can train to become a paladin if he or she wishes. Paladins and Holy warriors stand as steadfast defenders of the weak, the frail and the people in need, and are ever vigilant against the darkness that looms wish to harm Avvis and its people.

Fantasy-Art-Wesley-Burt-Fiendslayer-Paladin.jpgA Holy warrior of the Order Arms

The Third layer is the layer of priests and clerics. Priest are regular folk who speaks the word of Avvis and works to maintain a church. But priest of Avvis are so much more than that, a duty full priest of Avvis seeks to help his community as much as possible. Everything from being a handyman that helps to fix peoples houses after a storm, or defending the unfortunate people in court that does not have the means to get more professional help or he or she might even take the role of a counselor for his community, helping people to deal with physiological problems and feelings. A true Priest of Avvis is a friend of all. Clerics serve the same purpose, expect they have the ability to perform miracles.

Priest_fantasy.jpgA priest of Avva

An important note regarding status within the church of Avvis is, that no man or woman is above anyone else. Avva believes that respect and statues is earned trough valor efforts. The highest paladin and the lowest priest are both deemed equal in the eye of the church, but the church understands that different people can serve the ideals of Avvis in different ways.
Vector_tangled_sun_symbol_by_jakenova-d36dw1i.jpg The insignia of Avva, and the church of the sun

Sun God Avva

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