The Elves of Aviss was once on the brink of extinction. Many years ago, the elves build themselves a mighty civilization in the Fdrell forest. Fdrell means “Protection” in elvish, and it served as a sign for the society of the elves. The elves had access to amazing technology, grand magic and had tremendous skills in war and craft. Their capital city of Amysthera was a monument to modern design, skill and magic.

But something happened. A mysterious event happened and, the elves started to die out. Their skin turned darker and the many cities of the elves started to crumble. One by one, the elves weakened and died.

Then the humans came, and brought life with them. For some reason, the remaining elves that survived starter to regain their strength, but have lost their memory from before “the event”. There is no clues or hints to as what happened to the elves.

The current elves are weaker than their ancestors. Elves now only live to be about 150-200 years. While they can still practice magic, it is nothing compared to the grand magical arts of their ancestors.

Just like the humans, the elves are skilled craftsmen, fighters, artisans or workers. There is no “stereotypical” way for an elf to act. They come in all shapes, sizes and personalties.



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