Pech are the small folk of Aviss. Unlike the other friendly races of Aviss, no humans settled in with the Pech once the humans arrived at Aviss, but few joined later. You see, the Pech are always traveling around the world in small tribes of 50 to a 100 people. They are nomads, traveling the world singing tales, selling wares from long across the river or just performing whatever task is necessary to earn some food and logging.

The Pech is a friendly and welcoming race that has no real history. Each tribe of Pech has its own linage of Pack-masters, the leader of a Pech tribe. Pech gladly welcome other races into their traveling tribe as long as their can earn their own coin, or assist the Pech’s in doing so. If someone cant help the Pech but needs their help, they will gladly help this stranger on his or her way before departing ways. This means that many tribes of Pech contain many other races than the Pech. Its not unusual to see anything from Orks to humans join the tribes. Pech gladly welcome some muscle.

Speaking of which, the Pech are a small, nimble and smart folk. Not that the Pech never produced any brave, strong warriors. Their small size and natural low strength just makes the true warriors few and far between. But Pech have always been good with other small things or things that require precession, such as bows, guns or even magic. All Pech’s have some affinity for wild magic, but few have the patience to become a true scholar of the arts.

Pech’s live day to day. Many do not see the reason to master a trade more than needed or to learn about the world trough books or study. They are always moving and are always learning. A smart elf once said “the Pech might be the smartest race in Aviss, cause they have seen most of it.”



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